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Villa Perla is 10m away from the beach and it has a breathtaking view of the canal and island of St. Petar.


Otok Ilovik

The islands of Ilovik and Sveti Petar continue to the southern part of the island of Lošinj, from which they are separated by the Ilovačka Gate. The island of Ilovik, on which there is the only settlement of the same name, has an area of 5.8 km2, and its circumference is 15.4 km. 

The coast is easily accessible from all sides, with many gentle coves. The islands are overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation, and all over the place you will come across a variety of flowers, colorful oleanders, palm trees and two hundred-year-old eucalyptus trees, which is why Ilovik is often called - THE ISLAND OF FLOWERS.

There is a store, post office, bakery, and several restaurants on the island.
Ilovik is daily connected with the boat line with Mali Lošinj, and also with catamaran from Rijeka as well from Zadar and Pula.

During the summer, excursion boats leave for Ilovik from Mali and Veli Lošinj.

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